The Answer.

This is all anyone needs to know, and it’s what we all need to know. The seekers will find it when their searching demands it. I did not write it.

This is the answer to every problem and every question.

The answer to all angst, confusion, loneliness, fear and unrest.

It is the solution to all war, all conflict and all darkness.

It is a gift to humanity that we must share openly and plant firmly into our souls.

We must find each other.

We must – all us, ultimately – become friends. We must resign ourselves to truly connect and look after each other – no matter what.

But first we must find ourselves. We find ourselves and from that place we find each other. Hello – I love you – I’m here for you and I’ll never leave.

To gradually bind ourselves together in this way is really all we need to do and all we need to know.

As for why?

There’s a rabbit hole that travels deep down into the darkness inside of us. In the depths of that abyss lies absolute enlightenment – a secret place that is so beautiful that we must forget it if we ever see it or we risk not coming back to this earthly place. We are all traversing through the darkness as best we can, and one day we will find the light on the other side. But slowly we must go, and unless we feel the essential call we needn’t try to cross over in this earthly life. Until we have become strong enough to behold it, it’s dangerous to look directly in the face of truth. It may take many lifetimes to prepare, so be patient. Know you are the champion within, and the more you tap into the feeling that comes through your heart the more you will grow as a human being.

What is at the source is what gives us our love. Our life. It is our consciousness. It is who we all are and it is where this message comes from. It is the greatest secret of all time and all the universe. The holy grail. It can never be told to you. It can only be revealed to you from within. You are in a puzzle, and one day, when you have grown enough love, enough strength, and enough wisdom, you will solve it.

And so, we must learn to find each other, as true friends, whatever it takes, no matter what. To summon the courage to reach out of ourselves and into the eyes of the other. To find our light and plunge our hands into their darkness. And to stretch our hands up through our darkness and into their light.

To find and be found.

To meet and be met.

To hold and be held.

To need and be needed.

To see and be seen.

To trust and be trusted.

And to never ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, give up on each other. In this way we will find what we are looking for and our species will raise itself up within nature like an indestructible web of light in the universe.


Do not underestimate it or devalue it in any way. It is of absolute and fundamental importance. A kind of essentiality that words could never describe. It simply *must* be so. It is the life purpose for all of us. It is the purpose and supreme meaning of life itself.

As for anything else, nothing else really matters at all

(and what an astonishing cosmic joke that is)

I am. You are. We are. It is.


The Universe

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