Covid-19 and the Unstoppable March of ‘Civilisation’

Less than three hundred years ago the British rocked up in Sydney Harbour, stuck a Union Jack in the ground and declared that Australia was theirs. Think about this for a moment. It is mad!

There was already a largely peaceful people living on the land in tribes, but the Pomms didn’t give two hoots about that – in they came and conquered. Imagine if your neighbour marched into your house, declared it was now his, put you in chains and sent you off to go live in the garden shed. This is essentially what happened. Lord knows how many aboriginal people lost their lives in defending against this invasion, and in the subsequent enslavement, but it was lots. Lots and lots. Their weapons were primitive by comparison and they stood no chance against the weaponary, intention and organisation of the Brits. I’ve read that in some cases they welcomed the visitors as friends, their reward was betrayal, poverty, enslavement and death. Having lived in Australia for the past five years (and it’s not lost on me, thus benefiting from the aforementioned invasion), it is not hard to see that the native people of this land did not do particularly well out of Colonial rule. The British Empire bringing civilisation to this land did a lot for the British Empire, but for the native people that had called this giant red island home for tens of thousands of years it was disastrous.

If we took this same principle but on a smaller scale it may be easier to comprehend. Imagine you owned a plot of land, five acres for instance, and on this land you grew vegetables, had an orchard of fruit trees and kept goats and chickens. A stream ran through the property that provided fresh water for drinking and washing. You had a solar panel set up on your roof that provided enough electricity to run the fridge-freezer and a couple of other appliances. You would be pretty set wouldn’t you? Now imagine you have a bunch of amicable neighbours all doing the same. You trade produce, and in times of food scarcity you still have enough between you to keep going. Life is good. The off-grid dream!

Now imagine that some people appear on your land with big scary weapons, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. They say to you

“we’re taking this land from you and your neighbours, we’re going to build a high rise apartment building on one of them for you all to live in, a water processing facility to ‘clean’ the water on another, a grain farm here and a vegetable farm there. We’re going to keep the chickens and goats but we’re the only ones allowed to eat the eggs, meat and dairy from now on. We’ll install a processing centre on one of the plots and that will convert some of the grains and vegetables into something that tastes a bit like chicken. It will be plant-based, don’t worry that you’ve been eating goats and chickens for years, plant-based is good for you! Trust us. Here watch this documentary that proves it. Some of you, the strongest, will be employed to work on the farms and in the processing plants, and in return you will be given money which could be used to buy plant-based food, water and accommodation. The weaker ones will be sent away”

You would protest wouldn’t you? Previously you had a lovely home on a nice plot of land and you could grow your own food and collect fresh water from the stream without charge. You were healthy, cooperated with and enjoyed your friends and lived a life of natural abundance. It would be hard to see many people agreeing to live in an apartment and losing control of their food supply without a fight. But the new people who arrived had these scary new weapons, and even if the community banded together and protested against the invasion, the invaders simply did not care, because they wanted the land for their own gain. They came with a plan to take it, and they came with better weapons. It would not be your choice to make. You would have to either accept the forced dominion or die fighting it.

Have a look around. How many people live in apartments and work in the system to pay the rent, buy shitty food and drink chemically processed water….

This is essentially the story of Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden. The aboriginal people of Australia, like the Native Indians of North America and the various tribal peoples of South America, and Africa, and Asia, and so on, they all had the roam of land, the garden of Eden, Gaia, Mother Earth. Throughout the past two millennia and beyond tribes have had their freedom to live and hunt on the lands of their forefathers taken from them by more ‘civilised’ societies, nations and empires. Ever since we developed agriculture 10,000 years ago this has been the case. Caesar and the Romans did it. Alexander and the Greeks did it. The Persians did it, as did the Aztecs and Mayans, and the Egyptians. The English, the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, Belgians, Dutch, and so on. In 1939 the Germans attempted it. Occasionally a coup fails if enough people stand up and are willing to die fighting for freedom.

What am I getting at? Please bear with me. In 1945 America dropped two new weapons on Japan, the likes of which the world had never seen before, the destruction was so vast, and so terrifying, that WWII was ended in that moment and the game had changed. In that moment developed nations knew they could not go to war with each other again, or at least not in the old ways of battle. If they did they risked a total global apocalypse, total loss of life. Three months prior to the dropping of those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the United Nations charter was signed and to this day 192 members nations remain signed up, out of 194 recognised nations on Earth.

War always evolves with the times; at one time the bow and arrow would have been considered a game changer; just as the use of horseback cavalry; tanks; and drones have been at some point. 1945 changed the game dramatically. War between nations of wealth was no longer possible. The costs too dear, the risks too great. We cannot destroy the only home we have, but healthy men have testosterone in such great quantities that men want and need to fight, and fight they shall, one way or another, unless that testosterone is reduced or eliminated, by say a nutrient-deficient diet, sedentary lifestyles, fluoridated water, chemical-laden food. Fertility rates in the West have fallen off a cliff in the past fifty years. Why is that?

Here are some facts:

  1. Men are hard-coded to fight, it’s in our genes. We are competitive for good reason. To grow strong. To get the women we desire. To hunt. To eat. To fight. To protect ourselves, our families and our tribes.
  2. Civilisations of strength will always seek to expand and grow. Grow in size, grow in wealth, grow in influence. Men will typically drive this because men are hard coded to be competitive and to provide as best they can for their families.
  3. Peaceful civilisations are pretty much always conquered unless they are naturally protected by geographical means – look at Tibet, peaceful as they come, protected by its place high up in the Himalayas, but China still had the last laugh. A Dalai Lama in exile for the entirety of his adult life, 6000 temples leveled, a way of life destroyed. Just as it was for the aboriginal people here in Australia.

Hiroshima changed everything. Men could no longer lead other men into battle, empires could no longer be expanded through old school invasion. But men still want to conquer, men are still ruled by primitive desires, men still seek power. Men are not to be blamed for this, it is a hardwired evolutionary design to protect the women and children, how could we attack them for their human nature? And how does this tie in with Covid-19?

Back in March of 2020 I wrote that I suspected that Covid was a scam designed to facilitate the latest advancement of ‘civilisation’ and consolidation of power. Just as the Romans brought roads, and the British brought sewers, this latest bunch of invaders will bring smart cities, faster communications, clean energy, reduced crime and fake sustainable foods…and who knows what else. In fifty years I suspect 15 year olds will be in an online classroom being taught about the way of the ‘savages’ back in 1995 and how they used to consume drugs, get royally pissed up on a Friday night and take strangers back to their shared houses to eat kebabs at 3am and fuck like drunken rabbits. Only then to wake up on Saturday, gobble a bacon sarnie and head off to watch the football with sixty thousand others and get pissed up again. Awful. The savages! Just wait until you hear about these events they had called music festivals…

From what I can tell, the vast majority of people lost their minds to fear over the past six months, fear of a virus, fear of each other, and fear of death. The majority have been so consumed with fear that they were unable to see what 2020 has really been, an invasion. Small businesses, jobs, savings, pensions, ways of life, travel, the arts, leisure, etc have all been systematically destroyed, and because of our fear of death most have welcomed it enthusiastically (and despite my repeated and increasingly desperate warnings). Like in the movie V for Vendetta, we will likely look back and shake our heads at how foolish we were.

The Romans had the organisation and training of their legions, the British had their ships, rifles and cannons, the Americans had the bomb in 1945, and in 2020 the new invaders have lab-created viruses, smart phones, social media and a population made soft by poor quality food, sedentary lifestyles, fluoridated water, netflix, and a long running and very public attack on ‘toxic masculinity’. The West has also lost its spiritual connection and as such is petrified of death. We are up to our eyeballs in debt; economically; socially; and spiritually. We have been ripe for the taking. And taken we are being.

The United Nations charter was drafted three months before Pearl Harbour was attacked by the Japanese and the Americans entered the war. It was signed before the war was over. The Americans provoked the Japanese into the attack – did they want an excuse to enter the war? Two inexperienced pilots took control of two commercial airliners and flew them with precision into two skyscrapers, and the world watched on as two buildings which were designed to withstand such an impact collapsed as if they had been professionally demolished, and then building 7 next door, which was not hit by a plane also went down like it had controlled explosives in the basement, but apparently was deemed to be caused by office furnishing fires. 9/11 signalled the agreement of the Patriot Act, which was copied around the world as Governments sought to know more about their citizens in order to protect them. Many people lost their lives on 9/11, many more lost theirs in the resulting ‘war on terror’. The CIA and GCHQ gained power, lots of it. Those weapons of mass destruction never did turn up did they? Did they want an excuse to conduct mass surveillance?

Covid-19 has come along and now Governments around the world have a really good reason to know even more about their citizens, in order to protect them from the threat, of course. You only have to look at the treatment of Assange and Snowden to smell a rat may be crawling around here. A very big rat. (sidenote – Snowden’s interview on the Rogan podcast is a must watch/listen)

If there is a rat – who are the invaders? Look around? It’s not the Romans, English, or the Nazis this time. Pretty much every single elected government on earth is seeking to gain more control over its people. It looks a lot like a concerted effort does it not? The United Nations is a collection of 192 member states who in 1992 signed up to Agenda 21. Agenda 21 laid out the plan for the 21st century to reduce poverty and increase sustainability, conserve natural resources, and ultimately protect the Earth from destruction. In 2015 the members got back together and agreed that the timeline needed to brought forward sharpish, faced with the exponential destruction of the planet they opted to bring the target forward to 2030. The world needed to be sustainable by 2030.

But how do you achieve that with a global population nearing eight billion and rising living standards? How to achieve that with a growing middle class demanding more meat, travel, and toys? How on earth do you move three billion people out of extreme poverty whilst also improving sustainability and protecting wildlife and the environment? I guess you could remove them from poverty by placing them into graves? People, ordinary, decent people recoil at this possibility, but people forget that we cull badgers, and kangaroos, and deer, and any other wild species that grows in number too quickly and threatens the ecology of the environment. Throughout history man has been shown to be only too willing to cull its own numbers. Why should today, in 2020, be any different?

Is it possible that a man-made virus, a well oiled propaganda machine, and co-operation on an international scale could place the entire planet into a place of fear and lockdown and thus make the people, already weakened by 21st century decadence or poverty, easy to manipulate? Once easy to manipulate, could unseen powers use this situation to bring about this envisioned new world in Agenda 21? I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one. If I put forward my opinion then many will point the finger and mindlessly scream “conspiracy theorist!”, “Wear a mask!”, “Stay indoors!”, “Take the Vaccine”. Fear does incredible things to people’s ability to think logically and clearly.

…because that is what fear and herd mentality does to people. We are but sheep if we allow ourselves to be, and like lambs, we can be led to the slaughter without realising that slaughter awaits us.

Is it possible that we are witnessing an invasion? Is it possible that, just like the aboriginal people of the land I have called home for the past five years, that our way of life is under attack by invaders with much smarter weapons? Is it possible that the anti-vaxxers and anti-5G peeps aren’t as mad as they might appear? Is it possible that all is not quite as it seems?

I’ll leave you to ponder that.

One final thing to bear in mind, the Roman empire got too big for its boots and collapsed, the same thing has happened to pretty much every empire that ever existed. Men have oppressed mankind since the dawn of time. A flood always comes eventually to wash away the filth. A man once stood up before his followers and told them to build their house on stone, for if they built their house on sand and the flood came the house would not survive. Sage advice that is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago.



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