Client Testimonials

“After my second session with Chris, where I was able to release some repressed emotion, I slept so peacefully.  I had no nightmares for the first time since I can remember.  I woke up feeling completely amazing.  Still got some work to do but so glad Chris can help me navigate through it.”

Kim, Bristol, UK


I’m 7.5 months pregnant and Chris ran through a guided meditation with me when I was experiencing some stress recently relating to both work and the upcoming labour and birth.
We were able to really get to the core of what was creating tension and how it was manifesting, and I left the session feeling deeply at ease. The session completely changed how I felt, leaving me feeling more in control and relaxed again.
Highly recommended

Camille, Sydney, Aus


“I was a bit hesitant at first to try Chris’ guided healing meditation, thinking that no meditation in the world could silence the noise in my head and the anxiety I was feeling at the time.  My first session with Chris was an intense experience, but it helped me release a lot of emotions that I have had a hard time expressing and letting go of.  The following sessions were less intense, but every time I worked with Chris I felt a lot less anxious afterwards. He made me feel comfortable from the start, and the experience was nothing like I imagined.  If you’re struggling with anxiety and pent up emotions, I recommend you give it a try.”

Clare, Stockholm, Sweden


“Chris was bloody awesome. I went to Chris due to feeling I had underlying anger and frustration trapped within my body. Within a single session Chris helped me fully understand it and process it.

Since the session I have felt awesome. I am able to not let negative emotions affect me, and feel in total control of how I choose to feel on a day to day basis.”

Note – Ali added this 6 weeks later:

“I’m deadly serious when I say I think that session has changed my life in a fairly major way.  I feel far more in control of myself, my actions, and my life.  My girlfriend says she has noticed a massive difference and it’s helped our relationship.  The problem was not her or our relationship, it was me”

Alisdair, Sydney, Aus


“I did a guided meditation with Chris and to be honest it was amazing even though I was hesitant at first.  At the start of it I felt angry, anxious and had a lot of negative thoughts towards myself.  It was uncomfortable at times but Chris’ non-judgemental calming approach allowed me to feel comfortable and confront the emotions that came up.  I felt positive, lighter and energised after the session.  I couldn’t recommend Chris’ service more, especially in these uncertain times.”

 Zoe, Sydney, Aus



Chris and I have been friends for many years (decades actually) so I was a bit dubious about doing a session, but I can honestly say I was very pleasantly surprised.

In a peaceful, relaxed and calming environment he guided me through a meditation session, gently allowing me to open up and free my mind of things I didn’t even know I felt.  I found the whole experience to be incredibly gratifying, especially on reflection – a real testament to Chris. Through patience and what seems like a core understanding of the human psyche, he has an incredible ability to unlock your thoughts and think patterns for a genuinely cathartic experience, I would highly recommend trying with him.

I feel I have a better understanding of myself and am looking forward to more sessions with him . Whether you know him well or not, I can honestly say he makes you feel that you are the single most important thing in his world for that hour and I am truly grateful for how it has helped me.

Ella, London, UK


“Through an amazing guided mediation session, Chris helped me address my current anxiety and gave me the tools to help me cope with it when triggered again. Woke up the next day feeling very energized and able to move forward calmly. Thank you!”

Laura, Sydney, Aus


“The session with Chris was a surprise in that I wasn’t expecting it to be as emotional or even to actually ‘find’ anything inside me.  Chris talked so calmly and soothingly, giving me time to process what was happening throughout the session.  I found that I had this sadness, anger and guilt that I was unaware of, Chris enabled me to explain these visually and physically and focus on them until they left me.  The physical feelings were strange and very unexpected.  When the session ended I felt calm, totally without anger or guilt, quite happy actually, and at peace.  Five days on I still have a feeling of acceptance for the issue I took with me to the session, a calmness and happiness about my place in the world.  I would love to experience this again, to feel the release and joy.”

Jacqui, London, UK


“Being a hugely private person and some one who never shares how I feel.  I was extremely sceptical that someone 10,000 miles away on the phone would be able to get me to relax or talk about my feelings, let alone make a positive difference to my mental state. How wrong I was!

During our hour session Chris and I covered a couple of subjects that I have struggled with (note the past tense here).  I’d held on to emotion, couldn’t move on from some of my life episodes.  He showed me that you don’t have to forget your story, but also that you don’t have to let them control your present. That you have to recognise, accept, and move on

This seems easy, but until someone shows you how, that’s when you truly realise how much you’ve harboured, and it is the release you didn’t know you needed.

At the end of our first session Chris and I spoke about something very very personal to me, that only 3 other people in my life know about.  Before the session I was determined not to divulge but I felt so comfortable it just happened naturally.  I cannot explain how I felt after.  From feeling the most incredible sadness to a sense of happiness and hope.

Since our session I feel emotionally stronger and look at situations in a different way.  Things or situations that I would normally react to in an emotional way I find I’m not anymore.  Not because I am trying to not react.  Only in reflection afterwards did I realise.

If you’re thinking about meditation, do it, but do it with Chris. Even if you think it’s a load of nonsense do it anyway, and be prepared to be blown away.”

Victoria, London, UK


“Since the Session with Chris I’ve become aware that I haven’t really dealt with my emotional reaction to the relationship, even though my mind had rationalised it all out and was way ahead in moving forward.

It helped me understand the different components to what I would usually just label as a big bag of mixed feelings, being ok with feeling the intensity of the emotion, and start addressing why I felt that way as a path forward.”

Janet, Sydney, Australia


“When I used to hear you can’t love others until you love yourself I thought I was ok with this, as I could list some positive attributes about myself.  It’s only recently that I looked inside and thought actually, no, I do not love myself, as there are parts of my myself that I really do not love at all.  Now after my session not only am I becoming more comfortable about telling myself that I love myself, but I’ve started saying “I love all of me. Everything about me!”  Don’t get me wrong there are things that I will continue to work on, but I still accept and love them.”

Kim, Bristol, UK (again)